Wild Reishi


We harvest WILD REISHI (Ganoderma Tsugae) in the Ontarian forests.

WILD REISHI is a polypore mushroom that has been used for its properties for millennia. It is fairly rare and only the fruiting body is harvested.

Make a tea (decoction) with diced dehydrated WILD REISHI. Put a small handful of the REISHI in one litter of water. Bring to boil and let simmer for at least 10 minutes. You can reuse your REISHI a few times (until it doesn’t give out taste). Keep your REISHI in the freezer between brews. The tea is mix well with other herbs/spices. It has a bitter taste.

REISHI is the well known longevity queen, it is used in alternative and traditional medicine for a variety of ailments and health maintenance. It is one of the true jewel of the northern forests.

When we harvest REISHI, we always leave some behind for the species reproduction and leaving a light tread.