Who we are

We are children of the sun. We aim to illuminate everyone. We believe that super-natural-healing-foods help us each become more radiant and connected to our unique destinies.

Victor has been harvesting mushrooms for over 20 years, in southern Belgium and in eastern Canada. When he arrived in Ontario after obtaining a masters degree in Environmental Sciences in Montreal, Chaga came to him in a dreams. He then was guided into the woods and started to find the precious fungi, letting the forest talk to him. Now Victor helps others get well and balanced, one mushroom at a time. He sees himself as a vector between you and the healing energies of the forest.


Dennis is a talented young individual and student of life. He helps make all the communication materials! He designed the website and our beautiful logo!


* that giving and receiving are our highest potentials.

* that the human body is a temple that needs to be treated with the highest care.

* that peace is created daily by our actions and intentions.

* that inviting the rhythm of nature into our lives is the best way to “find” ourselves and connect with others.

* that we are already free.